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Land & The People National Symbols Polity Agriculture Culture & Tourism Basic Economic Data Commerce Communication& Information Technology Defence. Share Your Materials at [email protected] Share this post to the needy aspirants. India YEAR BOOK PDF Click to Download. India Year Book Hard Copy download from site India YEAR BOOK English Medium Click to download; India YEAR BOOK Hindi.

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Indian Year Book

India year book is very important to read for IAS Prelims Read the tips to read India year book for IAS exam, which is also helpful in IAS. Govenerment launch India Yearbook (available in Hindi | English). So, UPSC aspirants in dilemma whether to download /read /download it or. Falling under the Compartment of Yearbook, India , is a year book with a difference. It is the only book in the market which is designed in an examination.

It is actually named as Indialike India , India India was published at the end of year or at the starting of , so it covered everything that happened in and until Here is what I did? It is a very silly way but this is how I did it. It is again one book that you cannot read as it can be termed as notes of India YB.

It acts as a reference book for statistics and latest developments for IAS prelims examination. But the India year book should be read selectively so as to cover it effectively in time. India Year Book Crux: Environment Part I. The book deals with all aspects of growth and development from agriculture to industry, rural to urban, science and technology, environment and conservation, art and culture, economy, health etc.

Catalog Record: The Indian year book | HathiTrust Digital Library

India year book includes a diary of significant happenings of the states and Union Territories, constitutional amendments and many other aspects of the polity.

For example, questions for the environment chapter of the India year book are often surfaced in the IAS prelims exam.

Moreover, students can also refer some previous year questions of IAS mains where they could have substituted their knowledge of the year book. After thoroughly reading the question papers, systematically segregate the content list subject wise and then start reading the book.

This exercise will help a student to develop a holistic approach towards the exam.

Buy India Year Book 2019 – Download Summary PDF

The key is to read India year book topics wise or subject wise instead of reading it in a linear sequence. The above table can be used as a guide on which chapters to read in which subject.

To utilise the information given in the India year book effectively IAS aspirants should keep in mind certain pointers while reading the book like avoiding unnecessary facts and statistics which are not very useful for the IAS exam. The rest of the book can be read even after the IAS prelims result.

Lastly, the India year book IYB is a one stop source to have a comprehensive idea on all the latest developments happening in India.

The skill of prioritisation can turn very helpful in reading the India year book as it has lots of data and it is really hard to remember all of it, so better to read it in sections. Moreover, being an official product by the Government of India the credibility is this source is immense, so IAS aspirants should utilise this source intelligently and makes notes of the same.

How to read the India Year Book for IAS Exam ?

Environment Part II. Please specify. A verifcation code has been sent to your mobile number. List of Oscar Award Winner.

(Hindi) Learn India Year Book 2018 through MCQs

Daily Current Affairs. Each year, Publications Division under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting publishes a book — Which is commonly known as India Yearbook , India Yearbook and so few days back they launched India Yearbook available in Hindi English.

So, some of you may be in the dilemma whether you should download or read or download that book or not? Observe the table given below. Yes Only minor additions at page number Inko sharam bhi nhi aati.

Udan scheme added at his number Sagarmala programme added at page number Minor irrigation and water body census added at page number But that is in Bullet point heading only. From above table, it is evident that if you have India , then no need to download India If you have never read the India yearbook then yes you should go through at least the following chapters: While question may come from other chapters but it will give very poor cost benefit, given that less than 60 days are left before prelims.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Learn more. Book Title: India Book Description: Paperback ISBN: Click to download India Year Book Share 1K. Integrate Learning With Test-Taking! Comments Which India year book is best for upsc ?