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    Editorial Reviews. Review. site Guest Review of “How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia,” by Mohsin Hamid. By Nell Freudenberger. Abstract- The novel under-study is Mohsin Hamid's How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia. The study is an attempt to seek answer to the question as to whether . the Self-Help Structure in How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia | Grace Chao 21 fiction. Desires onto her Flesh | Huan He. Meica Land | Sandy Seing Chang.

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    How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia Pdf

    "Mr. Hamid reaffirms his place as one of his generation's most inventive and gifted writers." –Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times "A globalized. MOHSIN HAMIDis the author of the novels MOTH SMOKE(), THE. RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST(), and HOW TO GET FILTHY. Read "How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia A Novel" by Mohsin Hamid available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download.

    Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Abdul Ghafoor Awan. Abdul Ghafoor Awan1, M. It is a story about a person who is struggling to get into business and trying to change fate of poverty-stricken family. The novel depicts the social issues such as unemployment, terrorism, security risks, corruption, poverty, class difference, bureaucracy, drug addiction, inflation, nepotism, and bribery. The person fights to change the condition but failed at the end. The term post colonialism refers to all aspects of culture that is influenced by the process of colonial occupation. Post-colonialism studies are a resistance to the domination and the legacies of colonialism. It deals with the oppressor and being oppressed. It narrates the social insecurity. This research sheds light on identity crisis, which is the main theme of many Pakistani novelists like Kamila Shamsie, H.

    Mohsin Hamid. Other Reviews in this Issue. Love Hotel Christine Montalbetti. Ladivine Marie NDiaye. Diaries of Exile Yannis Ritsos. More by Mohsin Hamid. City Profile: What to Read Now: Human Trafficking.

    World Music: A Postponed Poem for New York. The Cities of the Ordered Chain. There is a big conflict of class discrimination in altogether all the countries of the world. There are as many issues as men in the world but social issues are main issues and they take important role in the lives of the people. Every citizen of the country is facing many problems due to lack of sincerity, awareness, education, carelessness, rules and regulations, laws and orders.

    This novel emphasizes on the importance of social values. It discourages social issue and social evils in the society. It encourages the human values and human respect rather than materialistic approach.

    It tells the story of an inborn poor person who strives for power, wealth, business, and authority, but failed to maintain the control and stability in business. He tries to succeed in his filtered-water business. He suffers many obstacles and hurdles to get license of water business because he did not know the problems faced to work with transparency in the business.

    He returns in the same condition in his old age as in his childhood in the depravity and poverty. He loves a girl who leaves him and goes to get her ambition, lust and desire for showbiz but succeed a little bit and failed to get her desired aim because of betrayal, disloyalty, and deceptive attitude of a manager who deceives her and refuse to help her after getting his lustful and luxurious desires.

    The fundamentalism is good in one respect and is not good in other way when extremist and violent attitude attached in the behavior of the people.

    Excerpt from How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

    The role of organizations concerning to social, political, and religious purposes is appreciable to an extent but harsh, strict, and violent principles that are inhuman and intolerable for humans are not develop pleasant and cooperative atmosphere in the service of mankind. The role of educational institutions is miserable, deplorable, and dangerous for the survival of mankind.

    Teacher is a nation builder; he should construct the character, behavior, consciousness, standard of living, and conduct of nation to create an atmosphere for the development, establishment and prosperity of the state. The educational institutes should design and develop such a syllabus and frame such a structure of examination system that condemns the evil of copying, cheating, and cramming, that creates and generates creativity, productivity, resourcefulness, skills, positive response and output in a generation.

    The miserable and deplorable situation of health and sanitary system is alarming.

    How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

    The main focus of government, politics, religion, and organizations should health and educational department of a people. If people are healthy, wealthy, intelligent, skilled, active and energetic then society and civilization can develop and establish in the field of progress and prosperity, peace and stability.

    The novelist stresses upon the defective system of institute of water and power management that a person who wants to get license of filtered water business suffers a lot of hardships and indulge in many social evils like corruption, bribery, nepotism, malpractices, and security threats. The novelist describes a situation in which retired army officer is involved and indulged in corruption of impure water business. It is alarming situation of a country that security and defense power institute retired officer is involved in contemptuous activities.

    The tragic death of an assistant of a pretty girl in a boutique is another alarming, shocking, frightening, and miserable plight that is a question mark on security institutes and government. The tragic death of an assistant in a hospital is a mouthful proof and evidence of an ignorance, carelessness, care freeness, negligence, slackness, inability, and unskilled staff.

    There is a lack of basic facilities, necessities, and immediate first aids. There is a solution of every social problem lies in the teachings and guidance of religion. There is no strictness in any religion but strictness in any religion leads towards devastation, and destruction in social life means it leads towards fundamentalism that goes beyond the nature of any religion in the end. The writer focuses upon the practices of social evils like nepotism, jobbery, corruption, favoritism, and bankruptcy in the daily routine of life and tells about their disastrous end that practiced it.

    Brother of x-wife of the protagonist gets job opportunity of a manager in filtered-water business due to nepotism and snatches his wealth and health due to corruption, jobbery or swindling and runs away foreign after getting his hideous aims and luxurious interests by unfair and undue means. The pretty girl remains unmarried in her whole life because of her interest in showbiz and modeling. Nobody is ready to marry her because of social restrictions and limitations, and it is illicit, unfair, illegal, and unreligious due to teachings of religion.

    It is social evil that woman will leave helpless in the cruel and barbarous clutches of dominant male society when she commits a crime of sexual relationships with a person who will deceive her and compels her to live and remain alone, forlorn, departed, despair, anonymous, uncivilized in the society. Our society hates with such a woman and adds fuel to the fire by calling her with bad names and creates such an atmosphere that is suitable for her to fell down in the abyss of sinful world of sexual relations, sin, and crime.

    The writer stresses on the importance of health and pure water. Pure water is a great blessing of God and impure water is a social issue, an evil, a big factor and source of all fatal, dangerous epidemics and diseases. The family of the protagonist travels from village near the river towards city due to health problems like unsanitary, unhygienic system and impure water.

    The city life is also victim of this populated, overcrowded, polluted, impurity of water, and unhygienic system. The writer emphasizes on this approach of responsibilities and duties of government institutes concerning health, water, business, and education development. The sister of the protagonist dies due to unhealthy, unsanitary, and full of epidemics atmosphere due to monsoon in the village area and dengue fever spreading in the society.

    This novel deals with social issues of a contemporary society of Pakistan due to evidences of atmosphere of Dengue virus that is a burning issue and source of a serious concern and concentration for the government of Punjab Pakistan. The marriage life is a household life, social matter and a serious issue of the society. It reflects the culture, civilization and way of life, values, traditions, behaviors, attitude, and manners of a people of society.

    This novel depicts the social evil of divorce of a woman by husband. He should instruct, and construct his family properly. We should condemn the custom and tradition of early life marriage of younger girls with older men. It brings harmful and unhealthy effects in the life of a girl. It describes the broken bonds of relations due to misunderstanding, negligence, ignoring and neglecting of each other and a big difference of age between two persons.

    How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

    We should overcome all those social evils of biased, prejudiced, and narrow-minded customs and traditions of old age. We should educate ourselves with open-mindedness, softness, kindness, sympathy, religious tolerance and devotion, sense of responsibilities, awareness of laws, happy marital life, patriotism, democratic approach, human values and love for humanity. It deals with humanism and socialism. We should face all hardships manfully, patiently, and bravely.

    We should believe in Allah. We must follow the rules and principles of mannerism and ethics. Man must depend on honest ways of livelihood and trust on a little source of earning patiently. It motivates the people on the need of mutual understanding, good relationships, sacrifice and kindness; facilitate your close ones with your time, energies, and love.

    A DIY guide for a budding Slumdog millionaire. Ali, Syed M. Current Competitive English Grammar and Composition. Ghulam Rasul and Sons. Awan, Abdul Ghafoor and Tahniyat Rehman Notions of Hybrid identities: Banks, J. A, and McGee, C.

    Multicultural education. Chambers, Claire. RSS Feed. Chao, Grace. Drug Addiction. Educational Publishers. Edward Said, Orientalism; Culture and Imperialism.

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    Said, pp and 60 Filthy Rich. Frantz, Fanon. Fanon, p Research on Humanities and Social Sciences. Vol 5, Gilvarry, Alex. Hamid, Mohsin.

    New York: Harcourt, Inc. Riverhead Books. Print Hashir Iftikhar and Muhammad Imran. Volume 16 Issue 1 Version1.

    Hassan, Pervez Post Policies and Present Imparatives. Oxford Univ. Hayati, Daryoosh. A Postcolonial study of Identity Crisis. Islamic Azad University, Iran. ISSN Health Care in Pakistan. Sunday, Sep 18, Husain, Tehreem.

    Bribery incidence in Pakistan much higher than rest of South Asia. May Hussain, Musarrat. English for Intermediate. Sunshine Publications Lahore. European central bank. Iqbal, Muhammad Malik. Kakutani, Michicko. Love and Ambition in a Cruel New World. It is moving and charming and funny. When you reach the end, you want to go straight back to the beginning. And yes—that does mean you. Fortunately, Hamid makes each mode as fresh as the other.

    And fail. Hamid is at the peak of his considerable powers here, and delivers a tightly paced, preternaturally wise book about a thoroughly likable, thoroughly troubled striver in the messiest, most chaotic ring of the global economy. Completely unforgettable. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you download this book from your favorite retailer.

    Read An Excerpt. Literary Fiction Category: Literary Fiction Audiobooks. Paperback —. download the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Add to Cart. Also by Mohsin Hamid.

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