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E-Books Collection. Contribute to fabbbiob/e-books development by creating an account on GitHub. by Cixin Liu, Ken Liu. The Three-Body Problem is the first chance for English-speaking readers to experience the Hugo Award-winning phenomenon from China's most beloved science fiction author, Liu Cixin. CIXIN LIU is the most prolific and popular science fiction writer in the. ron7Efaca - Read and Download Cixin Liu's book The Three-Body Problem in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Get free The Three-Body Problem book by.

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The Three Body Problem Epub

/keybase/public/cdurrett/Cixin Liu/Death's End (The Three-Body Problem ()/ Death's End (The Three-Body Pro - Cixin Death's End (The. (Epub Kindle) The Three-Body Problem 2. The Dark Forest (Three-Body Trilogy, Band 2) DOWNLOAD EBOOK PDF KINDLE For download this. Download[PDF] The Three-Body Problem Epub Click button below to download or read this book. Description The Three-Body Problem.

Background[ edit ] In the s, as the Chinese government strengthened the propaganda of "scientific and technological rejuvenation of the country" and the continuous development of science and technology, there were many favorable conditions for sci-fi creation. Some elite readers separated from sci-fi fans have also grown into writers. Liu Cixin published his work in the magazine Science Fiction World since When he was not busy, he wrote three to five thousand words a day, and each of his books took about one year to complete. It received good responses from readers, so a separate edition came out. Ye is officially branded a traitor and is forced to join a labor brigade in Inner Mongolia , where she befriends a government journalist who recently read Silent Spring , and who wishes to write a letter to the central government containing policy suggestions based on the book. When the central government responds, viewing the letter as an act of sedition, the journalist betrays Ye, who helped to transcribe the draft, and Ye is sentenced to prison.

They began to really believe that they were guilty, to see how they had harmed the great cause of the revolution. They cried, and their repentance was far deeper and more sincere than that of those Monsters and Demons who were not intellectuals. For the Red Guards, heaping abuse upon victims in those two latter mental stages was utterly boring. Only those Monsters and Demons who were still in the initial stage could give their overstimulated brains the thrill they craved, like the red cape of the matador.

But such desirable victims had grown scarce. In Tsinghua there was probably only one left. Because he was so rare, he was reserved for the very end of the struggle session.

Ye Zhetai had survived the Cultural Revolution so far, but he remained in the first mental stage. He refused to repent, to kill himself, or to become numb. When this physics professor walked onto the stage in front of the crowd, his expression clearly said: Let the cross I bear be even heavier.

Other victims wore tall hats made from bamboo frames, but his was welded from thick steel bars. His name was written on the door in striking black characters, and two red diagonals were drawn across them in a large X. Twice the number of Red Guards used for other victims escorted Ye onto the stage: two men and four women. The two young men strode with confidence and purpose, the very image of mature Bolshevik youths. They were both fourth-year students4 majoring in theoretical physics, and Ye was their professor.

The women, really girls, were much younger, second-year students from the junior high school attached to the university. His appearance excited the crowd.

Death's End (The Three-Body Pro - Cixin –

The shouting of slogans, which had slackened a bit, now picked up with renewed force and drowned out everything else like a resurgent tide. After waiting patiently for the noise to subside, one of the male Red Guards turned to the victim.

To remain so stubborn will lead only to your death! Today, we will continue the agenda from the last time. Answer the following question without your typical deceit: Between the years of and , did you not decide on your own to add relativity to the intro physics course?

He would serve any master who dangled money in front of him. He even went to the American Imperialists and helped them build the atom bomb! To develop a revolutionary science, we must overthrow the black banner of capitalism represented by the theory of relativity! Enduring the pain brought by the heavy iron hat and the iron plaque hanging from his neck, he had no energy to answer questions that were not worth answering.

Behind him, one of his students also frowned. The girl who had spoken was the most intelligent of the four female Red Guards, and she was clearly prepared, as she had been seen memorizing the struggle session script before coming onstage. But against someone like Ye Zhetai, a few slogans like that were insufficient.

The Red Guards decided to bring out the new weapon they had prepared against their teacher. One of them waved to someone offstage. She walked onto the stage dressed in an ill-fitting green outfit, clearly intended to imitate the military uniform of the Red Guards. Those who knew her remembered that she had often taught class in an elegant qipao, and her current appearance felt forced and awkward. Yes, in the past, I was fooled by you. You covered my eyes with your reactionary view of the world and science!

But now I am awake and alert. With the help of the revolutionary youths, I want to stand on the side of the revolution, the side of the people! This is most apparent in general relativity: Its static model of the universe negates the dynamic nature of matter. It is anti-dialectical! It treats the universe as limited, which is absolutely a form of reactionary idealism. Lin, I fooled you? To work in fundamental theory, one must be stupid.

Lin, you truly are too smart. Even a few years ago, you could feel the political winds shifting in academia and prepared yourself. But you actually have more to confess about Einstein than I do. In the winter of , Einstein visited Shanghai. Because your father spoke fluent German, he was asked to accompany Einstein on his tour. So, in a way, Einstein can be said to have indirectly been your teacher.

And you once felt so proud and lucky to have such a connection. Later, I found out that your father had told you a white lie.

Remembrance of Earth's Past (E-Book, EPUB)

He and Einstein had only one very brief conversation. The morning of November 13, , he accompanied Einstein on a walk along Nanjing Road. When they passed a maintenance site in the road bed, Einstein stopped next to a worker who was smashing stones and silently observed this boy with torn clothes and dirty face and hands. He asked your father how much the boy earned each day.


After asking the boy, he told Einstein: five cents. This was the only time he spoke with the great scientist who changed the world. There was no discussion of physics, of relativity, only cold, harsh reality. The gravity of reality is too strong.

This may actually have been a gesture of mercy from his former student. All victims being struggled against were supposed to lower their heads. If Ye did lower his head, the tall, heavy iron hat would fall off, and if he kept his head lowered, there would be no reason to put it back on him. But Ye refused and held his head high, supporting the heavy weight with his thin neck.

The copper belt buckle struck his forehead and left a clear impression that was quickly blurred by oozing blood. He swayed unsteadily for a few moments, then stood straight and firm again. Shao was happy to oblige. She had to keep on talking, otherwise her fragile mind, already hanging on only by a thin thread, would collapse completely. You have often lectured students on the reactionary Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics.

For a moment they did not know what to do.

Liu Cixin. The Dark Forest

This is against the idea that the truth emerges from experience. But the four junior high girls had their own revolutionary methods that they believed were invincible.

The girl who had hit Ye before took out her belt and whipped Ye again. The other three girls also took off their belts to strike at Ye.

With their companion displaying such revolutionary fervor, they had to display even more, or at least the same amount. If they tried to intervene now, they would be suspected of being insufficiently revolutionary. This is the most reactionary of all scientific theories. So what was there before the singularity? He turned to look at the girl kindly. With his injuries and the tall iron hat, the motion was very difficult.

Completely reactionary!

She turned to Shao Lin, who gladly came to her aid. The young Red Guard, confused by these new thoughts, finally found her footing. She raised her hand, still holding the belt, and pointed at Ye. Science has given no evidence either way. Some time later, with the closing of the Cultural Revolution and Ye's return to Tsinghua as a professor, Ye encounters Mike Evans, the son of the CEO of the world's largest oil company, who is also a rabid environmentalist and a believer in the idea that all species are equal.

Seeing that Evans is also direly angry at humanity, Ye confides to him the events at Red Coast.

Evans uses his fortune to hire men and to download a giant ship, which he converts into a mobile colony and listening post. Upon receiving messages from Trisolaris, thereby validating Ye's story, Evans announces the creation of the militant and semisecret Earth-Trisolaris Organization ETO as a fifth column for Trisolaris and appoints Ye as the leader. The society attracts numerous scientists, minor government officials, and other educated people who are disappointed with world affairs.

They go on to assemble a private army and even to build small nuclear weapons. However, Evans retains control of most resources and starts to alter and withhold alien messages from Ye and others. Furthermore, the society splits into factions, with the Adventists, led by Evans, seeking complete destruction of humanity by the Trisolarans, and the Redemptionists, led by Shen Yufei, seeking to help the Trisolarans to find a computational solution to the three-body problem , which plagues their home planet.

A third, smaller faction, the Survivors, consisting mostly of Chinese people, intend to help the Trisolarans in exchange for their own descendants' lives while the rest of humanity dies.

In the present day, Wang Miao, a nanotechnology professor, is asked to work with Shi Qiang, a cunning detective, to investigate the mysterious deaths of several scientists.

The Three-Body Problem

The two of them notice that the world's governments are communicating closely with each other, and have put aside their traditional rivalries to prepare for war. Over the next few days, Wang experiences strange hallucinatory effects. Wang sees people playing a sophisticated virtual-reality video game called Three Body which was created by the ETO as a recruitment tool and begins to play himself. The video game portrays a planet whose climate randomly flips between Orderly and Chaotic Eras.

During Chaotic Eras, the weather oscillates unpredictably between extreme cold and extreme heat, sometimes within minutes. Once in a while, the heat rises so much that a firestorm occurs and all civilization is reduced to ashes, or the climate becomes too cold for civilization to continue developing, as heralded by the presence of "three flying stars. Unlike humans, they have evolved the special ability to drain themselves of water, turning into a roll of canvas, in order to lie dormant when the Chaotic Eras occur.

Characters resembling Aristotle , Mozi , Newton , and others try and fail to model the climate. Wang wins acclaim by figuring out how the climate works: 1 the planet Trisolaris has three suns, 2 the suns have different kinds of atmospheres, and when they are far away from the planet's surface, they no longer function as sources of heat and appear in the sky as stars, 3 Orderly Eras occur when two suns are far away, and Trisolaris orbits the third, 4 Chaotic Eras occur when Trisolaris is pulled by more than one sun, 5 firestorms happen when two or three suns are close to the planet's surface, 6 seeing three flying stars causes intense cold because it means all three suns are far away, and 7 if the three suns ever line up, Trisolaris will plunge into the nearest one and be consumed.

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